Turqoise, Purple and Black and white

Hi all,

I have had some lucky finds this past week – I scored this key necklace from Dotti – originally $18 to $2 🙂 I can see it being paired with a plain black top 🙂

Key necklace

I have been loving this black and white skirt from Target and I paired with a turquoise top and a purple cardigan to give it pops of color 🙂

Turquoise purple

Black and white

Paired with these metallic tipped flats 🙂

I’m on a DIY hunt 🙂 I have been watching a lot of DIY videos and found this cool jelly clutch.

Jelly clutch

Have you tried any DIYs lately?? Please let me know of any 🙂


3 thoughts on “Turqoise, Purple and Black and white

  1. Love that skirt Kat and also the jelly clutch is really cool. Can’t wait to see if you end up adding one to your closet.

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