DIY Card

Hi all,

I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos lately 🙂 Who gets sucked into watching them like me?? hehe I stumbled across this card making YouTube tutorial and it inspired me to make my own card 🙂
It was my friend’s birthday coming up so I decided to make her a card 🙂 She loves Paris and I thought this was a pretty nifty idea and who doesn’t like heart felt hand made cards 🙂

What you will need :

Any Plain or colored cardboard

Cutting knife and board or scissors

Picture that you want to use

Ruler and pencil


What you need to do is really easy – I created a stencil of 3 different rectangles, use your ruler to create even rectangles and cut them out with your stanley knife or scissors.

DIY card

Place  this stencil to trace around your preferred picture and then cut around your picture.

DIY card

Then on colored paper/cardboard – arrange the picture so that the rectangles are on slight angles and voila 🙂 Card done!

DIY card

Happy Thursday everyone!


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