Sydney Trip

Hi all,

This is a quick recap of my Sydney trip! I love going to Sydney for holidays because it is a jam packed busy city and always something happening there.


I love taking pictures on the plane of what lies beneath! I notice that coming from Syd to Melb – it’s a lot dryer! We need more rain 🙂


This is my bathroom of the place I stayed 🙂 Nice and cozy with all the amenities needed 🙂


The roads in Sydney are somewhat narrower than Melbourne’s but I love looking at all the buildings 🙂


I also love how Sydney is close the water 🙂 There are always boats on the harbour and you can take a Ferry from one side to the other 🙂 People actually do this for work like taking a train to work but instead you go by ferry 🙂

Spiky fruit

I also came across this weird looking fruit when I was walking in the park.. Any ideas what it is??

New years eve was spent in Sydney and the fireworks were amazing! Though I didn’t take any pictures. Here is one from google.


Now that 2013 is here 🙂 Do you have any resolutions??



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