Horsham and Shepparton

Hi all,

I have been doing some more regional office training so I have been able to go out on the road for work πŸ™‚ We drove to Shepparton and then Horsham. Both small towns but lovely scenery on the way.

Look how pretty the fields are with yellow flowers and clear blue sky!

From Melbourne to Horsham there was bright red orange road! and lots of trees

We did a Pitt stop at this lake just to stretch our legs! It was a lot of driving.

We were also looking out for koalas in the trees because there were heaps of signs saying koalas ahead but they are sleepy little things so we saw this huge big koala!

Finished off the day with seafood dinner! Yum

Hope you’re having a great Thursday! I have gotten a little sick from lack of sleep and lots of travelling so hope to recover for the weekend!


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