Purple pulse

Hi all,

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend. We have lovely sunshine today – perfect day for shopping 🙂 I was in accessories hunting mode and picked up these cute accessories and of course a nail polish – Purple Pulse by Rimmell. They were having a sale.

I was also unsure about this shirt – it’s a bit loud but for some reason I was drawn to it but was not 100 percent sure on it. What do you guys think?



I can see it paired with black jeans but it does remind me of a tropical shirt that a daggy dad would wear haha.

Help me out 🙂



6 thoughts on “Purple pulse

  1. I love your rings and bracelets!

    As for that shirt, the colors are great but it would be easy for that look to seem “too much,” I think. I think it could work tucked in to a slim black skirt with black ankle boots, or worn with a pair of faded vintage jeans – both are kind of youthful rocker-ish.

  2. I love the new nail,polish and I just lol at your comment on the shirt. How about a purple skirt or orange jeans? No draggy dad look

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