Snapshot week (2)

Hi all,

Another week has flown by and the weather has been erratic. Truly Melbourne had 4 seasons in one day.  So time for another snapshot week…


Scarves I have been using this week 🙂 – Polka dot, Leopard and Flowers


My friend gave me a sample to try out Dr Lewinns foundation and primer 🙂 So far so good 🙂 and the color suits my skintone.



Some Melbourne architecture and a tram – I know some countries don’t have these 🙂

A quiche I made 🙂 Very quick to make and super tasty – all you need is puff pastry, egg and vegetables of your choice 🙂


A purple truck – Thought it was quite cool and this overgrown tree 🙂


Still loving these Essie nail polishes! Though haven’t had much chance to use them with my magnetic nail polish obsession 🙂

How has your week been? Hectic? Plans for the weekend?


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