Sweetest blogger in the world

Thanks to Juju from prettytobehappy for awarding me this sweet award.

My glam pond created this award so I have an opportunity to reward ten blogger who deserve this delicious prize:

  1. Sewpetitegal
  2. Shinyprettythings
  3. Braveorunway
  4. Respecttheshoes
  5. Feathers&Freckles
  6. Starcrossedsmile
  7. Petalbypetal
  8. Themakeupedition
  9. Theowlclub
  10. Wendyslookbook

Lovely Rules:

1. Tell who gave you this prize
2. Tell who created this award, My Glam Pond
3. Describe three sweetest thing you have done in your life
4. Nominate ten sweet bloggers and tell them about it

The sweetest thing I have done in my life is probably organise my cousin’s hen’s night. She gave me all of her contacts that she wanted to attend and I had to go about organising it. We rented a hotel room for her close friends to stay the night and we went out to a lovely Thai restaurant and just chatted the night away with some good ol Thai food. We had her paraded in her tiara and then we did her makeup in the hotel room. Lots of happy snaps gave her an awesome night 🙂


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