Khaki key

Hi all,

It’s already the end of July! I can’t believe how fast it’s been. Recently most of my time has been spent cheering the Aussies on in the Olympics!! I especially love the swimming, gymnastics and basketball (awesome shot from half court from one of the girls).

I did find this khaki colored knit top from Temp with a key zip detailing which I thought was very cute.

Khaki is one of the colors I am drawn to and I’m not really sure why. Do you have a color that you are drawn to?


8 thoughts on “Khaki key

  1. what a cute top. i love khaki colors a lot.

    i’ve been super glued to the Olympics too!!! it’s semi annoying that it’s not showed live here (i’d be at work anyway) but even w the spoilers I still get excited watching hahaha
    i loooove Men’s Swimming!!! so much eye candy bwahahah

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