Correspondence club

Hi all,

Have you thought that the art of letter writing is dying? Well it certainly is! With this day and age everything is so fast paced with emails, facebook, twitter, pinterest! So much social media and so little face to face interaction.

That’s where the correspondence club comes in. Started by Nnenna from starcrossedsmile she has come up with an awesome idea to get the letter writing art back to this day and age.

I just received my mail all the way from the UK. Thanks Suki 🙂 It was lovely. She sent me these cute earrings with a lovely handwritten card!

So if you are interested 🙂 Join in and go on to Nnennas blog under Correspondence Club and sign up 🙂

5 thoughts on “Correspondence club

  1. In high school, we had a pen pal club and my pen pal was in Italy. Unfortunately, we stopped corresponding when we headed to college. I remembered she had the biggest crush on Richie Sambora.

    I think I will look into the correspondence club.

    I also nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. Please check out the details on my blog.


  2. Yay, love what Suki sent you- such a nice gift! Also, I saw what you sent her on her blog- also lovely! Thanks so much this post Kat 🙂 I need to remember to add your link to my post too!

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