Red polkadots

Hi all,

Continuing with the jeans theme but changing it up – I chose a red top with a polka dot scarf. It makes the Winter less dreary with bright colors because all I see around the city is black!

We had the shortest day – Winter solstice today so the day was dark and dreary and top that off with an earthquake yesterday at 5.2 on the Rickter scale. Scary! We haven’t had one like that for the last century! Felt the whole couch shake and you could hear a rumble! I thought that a helicopter was going to land in our front yard. A lot of people on facebook thought it was their washing machine! That must be one crazy spin cycle!!

Have you ever felt an earthquake before?


2 thoughts on “Red polkadots

  1. I couldn’t believe it when they said the epicentre was at Moe. Would have been crazy for those of you who felt it.
    My thinking about the winter solstice is now the days will be getting longer! Whoo Hoo!
    Loving the red polka dotted scarf!

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