Photoadayjune Update

Hi all,

I haven’t been very good at following this month’s photoadayJune. Here is the list if you want to participate 🙂

3. On your plate – Indian curry


5. Sign – Thankyou from my friends


6. Hat – my bro’s


8. 6’oclock – pizza time


10. Best bit of your weekend – loved going away! So tranquil


11. Door – in the tram


12. Art – can you guess the characters?


13. Time – lunchtime!


How are you doing with the challenge? 

3 thoughts on “Photoadayjune Update

  1. Kat, I’m sure you like Malaysian food if you have a picture of ROTI CANAI as ‘In your plate’ piece! Roti canai is an Indian (one of the races in Malaysia) snack, very popular street food back home 🙂 Thanks for dropping and commenting, I so much appreciate it 🙂

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