Back from the wilderness

Hi all,

So I’m back from my retreat and it was one cold retreat!! Down at Mornington Peninsula we had a massive campfire to welcome us 🙂 We sat around drinking hot chocolate and toasting marshmallows! Woke up to mist filled fields and ate our warm breakfast in the lodge. It was very relaxing and great to hang out with friends and cook and just get away from the CBD!

Coming back to reality is not fun but a retreat is perfect to get you refreshed for the working week! We don’t have another public holiday till November! It is going to be a long wait so I may have to take some flex days to keep me sane 🙂

Hope you all had a good weekend and happy Tuesday!


6 thoughts on “Back from the wilderness

  1. Looks really relaxing! Coming back from vacation is always tough 😦 I’m still trying to get back into the swing of things after our honeymoon.

  2. Love the first photo! Sounds like you had a good time. And you definitely need to take advantage of your flex days if your next holiday is so far away.

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