NOTD and more leather & ATOMV

Hi all,

Hope you are all well. I will tell you a story – on Thurs night my car got broken into (now for some background info – my car is super duper old! Like over 20 years old!) so I wondered why the heck would someone want to break into my car – there were plenty of nice shiny cars in that car park to steal from… why me?? I returned to my car at 10pm noticed that a water bottle was sitting in the passenger seat then realised glove box was open and the place where I store my coins was gone. (What the thief didn’t know I only had 2 to 3 bucks in coins there….) He/she attempted to steal my car by jamming a random key into the ignition but that didn’t work so he/she snapped the key there and therefore I couldn’t drive my car home!! To cut a long story short – reported to police ATOMV(Attempted theft of motor vehicle) , they dusted for fingerprints couldn’t find anything and I had to call a tow to take my car to the mechanic.. XXX dollars poorer..

So that was my eventful day! Has this ever happened to you?

Onto the NOTD – I decided to go for something bright and pastel – this pink and with the ring finger I dotted little dots with Sally Hanson’s wine not.

As for the leather jacket – Tried on this brown one that had a fur collar which was removable but the fur was made of some sort of fibre that the hair easily could come off to rub onto black clothes.. so it was a return for me!

Happy Sunday to you all and hopefully you haven’t had a drama filled week like me 😉

6 thoughts on “NOTD and more leather & ATOMV

  1. I am so sorry to hear about the break in! I’ve not drive a car in 7 years since I moved to the city. I love the sally hansen nail polish, that particular formula is long lasting…I am terrified to ask this. How much is Sally Hansen in Australia? If I hear it is the equivalent of $10 USD…I may pass out.

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