DIY: Wrapping paper

Hi all,

Managed to find some time to do this DIY. My friend’s kid is turning 2 soon and he is in LUV with Thomas the tank engine and the Wiggles. All you mums out there will understand their kids love for these 2 characters. So I decided to make my own Thomas the tank engine wrapping paper.

All you need is:
Paint – poster paint is good in various colors
Takeaway polystyrene foam container or some foamy cardboard
Picture of what you want to stamp

I got this Thomas the tank engine pic from google. Traced it onto the foamy cardboard. Lathered a spread of paint over the top and used it as a stamper over white paper. Ta da – your own customised personalised wrapping paper 🙂

Super easy n super cheap n super customised 🙂

Have a happy weekend!


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