Leopard and pleats

I have been shopping on my lunch breaks – what else will a girl do?

Tried on this pleated black and pink skirt but very unsure with it. Probably need a more fitted top to see if it would go but didn’t scream out to me buy me – so returned


Tried on this leopard and black dress. I really like the peter pan collar but I don’t think I like the overall fit of the top part. Verdict: Return and think about it.

How have you been shopping lately? Bought anything good?


8 thoughts on “Leopard and pleats

  1. It’s so cool that you can shop during lunch! I agree that the pleated skirt would look cute with a fitted top (or maybe a tucked in top?).

    I’ve been shopping like crazy lately – too many sales going on!

  2. I like that last dress, it’s cute! The peter pan collar is adorable.

    That would be dangerous for me to shop on my lunch break!! I would buy everything.

  3. Oh lunch breaks are dangerous for me too. I sometimes just stay in the office because I know if not I’ll probably make some random impulse purchase! lol

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