#photoadayApril Progress

Hi all,

Even though I posted about #photoadayApril I have actually been really slack with posting up photos via instagram. I think April has just been one of those crazy busy months where you don’t know where time has gone. I was very disciplined for March and was able to participate every day but April I have just been posting photos when I could.

Here are the ones that I have done so far 🙂

2. Color – One of the many mugs I use around the house 🙂


5. Tiny – This is something I have in my room – It is totally cool and minature. I love all the details and how it’s very ancient looking.


6. Lunch – We went to a picnic and this is what we ate 🙂


10. Cold – Weather has been cooling down so this is a pic of my sis scarf


13. Something I found – I just spotted this in a random place near my desk – new fave accessories


16. Flower – When I went to a wedding last month, one of the gifts for the guests was this flower with a ferrero roche in it 🙂


2 more weeks to go – see how I do 🙂 Need some more time this month! Time is flying sooo fast 🙂


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