Dessert story


Mmm I’m a sucker for desserts. Every time I go out for a meal I always look at the dessert menu first and always contemplate ordering that first 🙂 So when my friend asked me to go out for dessert at lunch – who could resist the offer?

We went to Chinatown and to this placed called Dessert Story. I love the decorations, they have a fake bookcase wall.

They do asian desserts – shaved ice with mango and pearls and jelly.

Really Delish 🙂 Check them out if you are in town 🙂

Today is Thursday but its really “Friday” because of Easter long weekend! Yay!


3 thoughts on “Dessert story

  1. Ooh I love Asian desserts! My favorite is Mango with sago, coconut milk, and bits of pomelo – so good! Also have a special place in my heart for anything green tea related 🙂

  2. Mmm, dessert! I do have a friend or two that don’t eat sweets, so we never get dessert after dinner … which means that once I get home, I feel that I need to raid the candy stash in the fridge to make up for that lost dessert. 🙂

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