Perth wedding

Hi all,

I’m back from my mini holiday and it was great fun but too fast 😦 *as it always are with holidays* Back to reality! The wedding I attended was beautiful and the bride was too~~ Here are some snippets 🙂 *warning pic heavy*


We made cookies – bride and groom for the wedding 🙂


Here it is – finished product 🙂

Beautiful flowers

This is what I wore.  A maxi dress with green purple and orange

This cake was made by one of the aunties there. So professional 🙂

One of the many foods after the ceremony – its a Malaysian jelly dessert.

Overall it was a beautiful day 🙂 Sun was shining and everything turned out except somehow the bride lost her wedding ring?? Slipped off? So we were looking for it after the ceremony! I’m sure it will be found soon 🙂

Happy Tuesday everyone!



11 thoughts on “Perth wedding

  1. Amazing cookie pops! 🙂 I like those weddings where something unexpected happens … for instance, I went to one where the priest instructed the groom to kiss the bride again, they were so shy about the first kiss. 🙂

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