Can you survive without your mobile/cell phone?

Do you remember the days when you had to arrange with your friend beforehand to meet and make sure you met them on that spot at that time because how else would you tell them that you couldn’t make it?
If you don’t remember those days, then you must be a Gen Y or a Gen Zer and are blessed to know and own a mobile phone. I think I had my first mobile when I started University and that is considered very late for my generation!
But ever since owning one I feel totally lost without one. So that brings me to today – my sister had to use my phone because she had forgotten hers and I feel totally lost. I can’t check messages, I can’t make phone calls.
Am I that crazy that I can’t survive a day without my mobile/cell phone?
How about you guys? Are you the same as me? Lost without one? or do you not even own one?



9 thoughts on “Can you survive without your mobile/cell phone?

  1. I didn’t have a cell phone until I left for college as well. I check my phone a lot, but I’m definitely not attached to it. I often forget about it and leave it at home a lot… sometimes I don’t even realize until we get back!

  2. yes, back in the days when we used landlines to talk to our friends. and used AOL HAHAHAHAA i remember i used to mail my friends handwritten letters lol bet kids these days don’t even know wht that is anymore!

  3. I would totally be lost without my phone, it has my calendar and schedule on it and everything! I remember those days with beepers, they were so annoying!

  4. I have a very basic one, and leave it at home by accident all the time. It is handy for checking the time since I don’t wear a watch, but I don’t really miss it unless I’m waiting for an important call (not often!)

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