Misty’s diner

What’s a weekend without gorging on food? haha This week was my friend’s birthday so we headed to Misty’s Diner. They are recreating the diners they have in the US and because I have visited the US. I wanted to see myself how authentic american it is.

My pink lemonade

Chilli fries – I actually haven’t tried this in America before

Pork sliders – they still taste better in the US!

My burger 🙂

2 different types of hot sauces – one is spicy, the other labelled “Cry” – But wasn’t as hot as I expected

If you can eat a burger in 5 minutes – you win this t-shirt. I was looking at the wall of photos of people who smashed the challenge and there was this kid there – I was amazed!

Overall, I ate way too much haha but I guess that’s what you do on weekends and now I have to gym it out or go for a massive long run!!

Hope you are having a great weekend!!



3 thoughts on “Misty’s diner

  1. Man those fries look AWSOME! I have been craving burger and fries lately 😉

    Hope you had a great weekend! Hope all is well =)

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