#Marchphotoaday Day 11- Day15

Another round up of photos for the #Marchphotoaday challenge.

11. Someone you talked to – This is my friend’s kid – he is adorable! I chucked on my sunnies on him and he wouldn’t move haha it was like whenever he was wearing the sunglasses that suddenly he was frozen!


12. Fork – I made spanakopitas  – see recipe here


13. Sign – Not sure if this is considered a sign – but my sister made this – she is arty!


14. Clouds – Nice cloudy day


15. Car – Walking back to my car from the train station – spotted this awesome car that I would love to have – problem is I don’t have that kind of cash 😦


This is just an additional photo I took yesterday! There was a rainbow!! Haven’t seen one of these in ages! So pweety!


Happy Friday everyone! Anyone else doing the challenge? Would love to see your photos!


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