Clothing doppleganger?

Hi all,

Have you ever went to the shops or gone shopping and seen someone wearing the same skirt or top, carrying the same bag as you were wearing? That’s what happened to me today. I was wearing this floral black and white skirt.
As I was walking past a cupcake window I saw walking past me a lady with the exact same skirt. I knew it was the same one because I took not only one look but 2 haha.


Went to Temp to try out some items 🙂 Trench coat $25 but was too big. Had to roll up sleeves.


I tried this peach and white zipped dress. It was too sheer for my liking.


Tried this polka dot dress. I actually quite liked it but the quality wasn’t that great. May go back to pick it up 🙂


Tried this butterfly black and white dress. I actually really like this! The shape of the dress was lovely.


Let me know if you have seen your clothing doppleganger!


7 thoughts on “Clothing doppleganger?

  1. What a cool store name. I’ve never heard of it so we must not have it in the US! I love that trench it doesn’t look too big, but I’d have to see it on you in person 🙂

  2. Love the dress you’re wearing and the butterfly one!

    Sorry about excluding international friends from the giveaway 😦 I mailed something small to Asia not too long ago and it was rather pricey so thought I’d save a little this time around.

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