Making bread

Hi all,

Hopefully your weekend has already started or you are winding down to the weekend 🙂 For those already in Aus we have started ours 🙂 But the weather in Melb is.. hmm not very warm.. Autumn has come and that means rain and colder weather hmph. So in this weather – what do you do? You bake! Well that’s what I do to warm the house up 🙂

I made this in the past but just haven’t had time to post up but its Challah – Jewish bread. It’s delicious! Seriously so good! Just need a lot of waiting time for the bread to rise though but the end result is your own bread!

See the recipe here

If you have the time and you are stuck indoors – I recommend this recipe. Mmm soo good!

Have you ever made bread before? What recipes do you use? Happy weekend!


9 thoughts on “Making bread

  1. I’ve never actually had challah bread, but have heard it is yummy! So…I inherited none of my mom’s amazing talents. I cannot cook to save my life….she is fabulous cook. I cannot sew…and we all know she can!

  2. Oh my gosh, yum yum yum! I love bread so much! My friends joke that if I could only eat bread, I would! haha 🙂 I’ve made soft pretzels and rolls before, but never a full on loaf of bead!

  3. Mmm … I love bread, so this looks great! I haven’t had much luck with making bread before — I think it’s normally too humid here and I’d need an air-conditioned kitchen …

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