Chin chin

Just went out to a delicious place for dinner! It’s called Chin Chin located in Flinders Lane in Melbourne CBD and I believe it’s Thai inspired. Seems like I have been eating out a lot but I haven’t really haha or maybe I have…

Enjoy the food pics 🙂




 This lychee drink was really pretty. Though the taste mm ok ~ looks beat taste this round 🙂 BUT the food was sooo good! There is no reservations allowed. First come first serve and there are people waiting outside even in the RAIN which it was today! Even on a Monday night! I will definitely go back again. The vibe is really cool plus the food is beautiful!!

Enjoy your Monday!!


9 thoughts on “Chin chin

  1. What a unique name for a place to eat, the food looks droolworthy too. I love trying out new food places. Most of the time we eat before we realize we haven’t taken any pictures yet 😉

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