Have you been to French Island?

Hi all,

I was looking through some of my old photos and came across some photos of when I visited French Island in 2010.

French Island is the largest coastal island of Victoria and is located in the Western Port 61 km SE of Melb. It is relatively isolated and undeveloped and perfect for visiting! To get there you need to take a ferry from the mainland.

You can even see Koalas there 🙂

This was one freaky looking goat!

She was a pregnant ewe.

Feeding the lambs 🙂

We ate home made scones with cream and jam and explored the island by bike. It was such a hot day that we were sweating like pigs but it was a great ride and it was great to see that there were not many tourists! I love places where there are not a whole heap of crowds!

Hope you’re having a great Wednesday! Do you know places like this? that aren’t taken over by tourists?




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