Interview – Bessie from Braveorunway

Hi all,
Time for another interview. Please welcome Bessie from Braveorunway. She has so many different outfits and I agree that she blogs about fashion for everyday women. Onto the questions:
1. Tell us what your blog is about, when you started and what inspired you to start blogging?
My blog is about fashion for the everyday woman! We talk about current trends, how to maximize pieces in our closets, how we feel about certain pieces and colours, and anything that relates to style. After receiving extensive encouragement from my friends to do something with my love for fashion, I started Bravoe Runway.
2. How do you choose what you blog about?
I like to blog about different aspects of fashion. I think of topics that my readers have been wondering about but haven’t been sure how to wear a particular item or how to style it? The goal of each blog post is to get my readers to think about something fashion related and chat about it in the comments! And…they LOVE to weigh in on their thoughts.
3. What blog/blogs inspire you?
The Glamourai! She has been blogging for several years and continues to succeed in what she does. I’m always amazed by her style, her writing, and also her design background. Not only can she design clothes but she also understands interior design.
4. What is your favourite piece of clothing?
Presenting….My Favorite Dress!
My favorite piece of clothing in my closet is a silver Paillettes cocktail dress by Marc Bouwer. Even though I’ve had this dress for 4 years, every time I put it on, it feels like the first time I’m wearing it.
5. If you had to choose one which one would you choose – Makeup, shoes, nail polish or bags?
Handbags! A great handbag can elevate the status of any outfit.
6. I have to throw in a random question – what is the scariest thing you have done?
The scariest thing I’ve ever done was hmmm…..para-sailing in the Caribbean.
7. What’s your favourite destination to visit?
My favorite destination to visit within the US is Las Vegas. There’s so much to do, see, eat, shop, and enjoy in that city!
8. What is on your latest wish/lust list?
phillip lim 31-31 phillip lim 31 hour bag
The latest item on my wish list is the Phillip Lim 31 Hour bag in a natural tan colour.
9. What advice do you give new bloggers who are starting out their own blogs?
When you first start blogging, concentrate on your content because content is king. The better your posts and photos, the more people you will have that will want to follow your blog, and companies will want to sponsor you.

10. Lastly, tell us something about yourself that most people wouldn’t know?
I have a slight case of OCD when it comes to caring and preserving my items. All of my shoes are stored in their original boxes and my handbags are all stuffed with tissue and kept in their sleeper bags when not in use.
Thanks so much Bessie for letting me interview you. Whoa para

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