On the search for colored denim

I have been hunting around for colored denim.. I have been after some cobalt blue denim pants but have yet to find a fit or color that I like. I tried on these green ones and the fit is nice but I can’t see myself wearing them as much as I could. Now if only they had this fit but in the color cobalt!
They also had bright pink~ which I know I can’t pull off so its back to the hunting board.


On a beauty note, I am loving My Beauty diary masks! I have 3 different ones – Aloe Vera, Strawberry Yoghurt and Bird’s Nest. I think my favourite would be the Aloe vera. These boxes can be found in Asian beauty shops like Sasa. I got
mine from Taiwan and Hong Kong when I was on holidays! They are really refreshing and compared to some products in Australia these are cheaper and I like the different flavours they have to offer 🙂 

Have you tried My Beauty diaries? What is your favourite flavour? How about colored denim?


6 thoughts on “On the search for colored denim

  1. I think cobalt is a nice choice for colored denim! It just seems easier to create outfits with.
    I would love to add a pair of red pants to my closet, but like you I’m still looking for a good fit …

  2. It’s already a strettch for me to wear dark skinny jeans, I don’t know about the colored denim all over the place now, but they are oh so pretty!

    Oooh, the packaging on those masks are so pretty!

  3. The colored denim trend is so pretty on you and all the other bloggers. I tried on red the other day and it looked horrible on me – not sure if it that meant all colored denim would look bad on me or just that particular line.

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