Hi all,
On the weekend, I went bushwalking through a forest called Sherbrooke forest. It’s located about 1hr and 30 min from the CBD and is a nice place to go to relax and unwind from a busy week at work! The air is always so much fresher in the bush compared to in the city. (I remember working in the city for the first time and after a day of work wiping my face with a wet wipe – eww how dirty is that face! Shows how much pollution is in the air in the city!)
Anyway, enjoy the photos! They will relax and calm you!
(Kookaburra – native Australian bird)
 Rosella – native to Australia
Happy Monday/Tuesday everyone! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Bushwalking

  1. How serene! As I get older I am enjoying the nature more and love taking walks in forests. We recently purchased bikes and a bike trail so this summer we will be getting in touch with nature as much as we can.

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