Leaf and flower art

Hi all,

Do you remember when you were little doing pressed flowers? My mum used to go with me and pick different flowers and leaves to be pressed between lots of thick heavy books and then weeks later we would open them to see perfectly pressed flowers! Then we would make bookmarks out of them.

My aunty has a real gift in this art and has made a lot of different decorative cards and pictures. Here are two that are on my door!



Have you ever tried this out??


5 thoughts on “Leaf and flower art

  1. Your aunt’s definitely got skillz. Both are so pretty and creative. I remember I pressed leaves when I was a child, but no way did they look anything like this!

  2. These are so beautiful. I remember receiving pressed flowers or leaves as bookmarks when I was young, I’ve always thought it’s such a simple idea but makes a lovely gift. You aunt is very talented!

  3. Very pretty. I love pressed flowers, hubby and I worked on a Science project relating to different flowers and their origin and we did a pressed flower display in HS 🙂

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