Striped shirt for work

Hi all,

Today’s OOTD consists of this Temp striped shirt. When I first bought it I was drawn to the colors and that there were different stripe widths. For work I don’t have to dress that corporately but sometimes I like to bring out a shirt and pair it with a fitted blazer and black slacks/pants. I’m wearing a checked scarf with it as its cold today!


On another note, I decided to do some water color painting – inspired by Bubzbeauty as she has recently started painting and there is a youtube guru Tim Gagnon that does amazing work. I thought I might dabble in it too.


And of course I couldn’t leave without adding some food pics of yesterday’s lunch at Oriental Spoon.


Has anyone dabbled in painting? What is your favourite business attire? Love korean food?


9 thoughts on “Striped shirt for work

  1. Fun stripes! It’s so cute paired with the scarf.
    I dabbled in watercolors quite a few years ago, and it was so much fun. I love how unexpected it can be – the colors run together when you don’t mean them to and you get all kinds of great effects. 🙂

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