Sequins and teppanyaki!

Lots of sequined items have been popping up in stores lately so I decided to try some on and then ponder later whether or not if I will purchase them 🙂 These were from a store called Temp

First I tried on this black dress that was pleated down the bottom and flared out. It had also detailing in the top half of the dress. It was pretty but I just need to think about it.

Next I tried on various sequined tops. The first one had sparse sequins here and there and I didn’t like the material – made me itchy. The next two were my favourites – I tried one that was cream colored and another that was black. Which do you guys prefer? I’m not sure yet..


Later we had teppanyaki for my cousins birthday. It was my first time going and it was so hilarious trying to catch food in our mouths and not get rice and egg everywhere!


She had to wear a kimono and had a samurai sword to cut her cake. The table next to us had a guy who had the same bday and he came out wearing a sumo suit! It was hilarious! Definitely a great place to have a bday!!

Have you guys tried Teppanyaki? What about the sequin trend?

p.s I’m entering the following giveaway 


4 thoughts on “Sequins and teppanyaki!

  1. I’m definitely loving the sequin trend – my fave is the cream / striped one you tried on. The Teppanyaki experience sounds so fun! I’ll have to see if there is one around here 🙂

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