Fashion/style resolutions

The year is coming to a close! Argh! It’s always exciting to start a new year – means fresh resolutions, a fresh start to everything!

So what are your fashion resolutions?

Mine are:

1. Try to shop more wisely – As in spending time to think before I purchase something instead of being hasty and pondering whether the item I buy will be versatile enough to wear more than once 🙂

2. Accessorise more – I already do accessorise a lot but I think I always grab the same items and don’t really mix it up much so I hope next year I will be able to use different accessories to jazz up outfits 🙂

3. Don’t always wear black! – I love black clothes and coming from Melbourne I believe lots of people wear black here! Just check out the main CBD and you will notice a sea of people in black! Especially since we are in Summer – I hope to wear more colors 🙂


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