Satchel bag

Hello all,

I have been looking for a satchel bag for a while. Even when I was in the US I kept an eye out for one that I would love. But the problem is whenever I’m looking for something in particular I never seem to find it. So alas I did not buy one there. Just recently I went shopping and this one popped out! It’s a small tan satchel bag which you can wear with the strap or just hold the handle! The thing that drew me to this one was actually the color. On the tag it said it was tan but it looks like a mix of tan and orange.


So this is my new “love it” bag! I will definitely be using this for Summer 🙂 which btw is just around the corner in 3 days!! Though the weather has been a little crazy – still raining in Summer?? What the?

Leave you guys with some food pics 🙂 Just came back from burgers MMmm – nearly as good as the US ones 🙂



7 thoughts on “Satchel bag

  1. LOVE the color on that bag, can’t wait to see you carry it. That happens to me ALL the time, when I am looking for something I either can’t find it or it’s not on sale. The burger is making me drool, need to hunt for food now =)

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