DIY T-shirt to Bag

After I saw Sewpetitegal create this DIY T-shirt to bag I knew I had to try it out 🙂 She did hers with a long sleeve top but I created mine with a normal t-shirt top.
I don’t have pictures of what my t-shirt looked like originally *hehe I forgot to take pics*
But this is what it looked like after 🙂

Basically the steps in making it was:
Cut across the sleeves of the t-shirt so you have a rectangular shape – you can decide how big or small you want the bag to be but I just cut straight across and made that the size of my bag.

You will also need to cut a smaller rectangular shape for the bottom of your bag. So make sure you have some material left over to do this.

Using the sleeves of the Tshirt I used this to make the handles of my bag.

Now its time to start sewing. Sew the smaller rectangular to the bottom of your bag. *Make sure to fold it inside out first so the seam is on the inside.*
Sew the handles to the tops of your bag. *I find that if your handles are too long you can always knot the bag to make it shorter*

Bonus feature: Add two strips to the front of the bag – for a belt to go through and then you can tie a ribbon around it. You might want to add one more strip at the back of the bag for more stability and voila 🙂 Your tshirt bag is done.

I recommend giving this a go 🙂 I’m not a very good sew-er but I managed to do this! You can turn a t-shirt that you don’t wear much anymore into a much loved bag!


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