Ebay addiction

Okay so I’m not addicted … YET but I recently just jumped on the ebay bandwagon and can I say that it is so unbelievably addictive! There is so much out there and so many different things. I (being a noob) decided to buy my first item. I thought a scarf as a first purchase wouldn’t be too bad and I wanted to pay dirt cheap for it too – just to test the waters..

So I typed in scarf – and there were hundreds of scarf items – You can either buy it now or bid on items. So I thought I would just buy an item outright – I chose a bright blue scarf – for the spring/summer time and it cost me $1.50 – SCORE!
Now I shall wait for my item to be shipped over and then I will make my final verdict.Item picture

Next couple of items I got were bidded on. I think (I know) this is why people get addicted to ebay. They start bidding on an item and when they get outbidded they have to continually up the anti and bid more and more! I won my first item – a turquoise bangle/bracelet and then I scored some leather cuffs too. Item picture

Okay even though I’m new to Ebaying – here are some of my rules for newbies:

1. Do your research – If you are eyeing for a particular item – make sure you check out the stores and that you are really getting a good price for what you are paying for on ebay. If they are designer brands – make sure you are buying from a legit dealer. *I had a friend who bought some Abercrombie items not realising that they were fakes until the products arrived* so make sure you read the fine print!

2. Check out the sellers info and feedback – This will give you a good indication if they are legitimate and that customers are happy with their products. If they have a lot of bad reviews/feedback then I wouldn’t even start to buy from their store.

3. Stick to a budget – Sometimes buying things on ebay can give you an adrenalin rush and you may continue to click that “bid” button not knowing how much you are actually spending. Figure out how much you want to spend on that item and make sure you don’t go over that figure.

4.ย Watch out for shipping – When you are buying something make sure you see if they have free shipping and if they don’t – check how much it is – otherwise you may be paying say $2 for the item but then $8 shipping which may not work out to be a bargain as you originally thought.

Any other tips from ebayers? Any good buys? Any bad stories?


6 thoughts on “Ebay addiction

  1. I heart eBay – you can find so many amazing things there! One tip – if you are buying luxury items, get it authenticated first (The Purse Forum has threads for different brands) because there are A LOT of replicas out there.

  2. I love to browse ebay, but haven’t taken the plunge yet. I’ve been eyeing some very fun scarves … please post an update to this post to let us know how you like your scarf when it arrives! ๐Ÿ™‚

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