Crackle nail polish

When I was in the states, I picked up three nail polishes of Sally Hansen’s crackle polish. I have always wanted to try it out since the craze started but it was so expensive in Australia – about $20 a bottle and I was not prepared to pay that kind of money. So when I saw them selling in CVS and Walgreens I picked up black, white and silver.

After trying the silver – it seems to only work on certain nail polishes. Unless I’m doing it wrong?

White cracks pretty well but I don’t know what base nail polish color I should pair it with. I have tried blue, red, black, purple and pink.

Has anyone tried this trend out? What colors do you recommend as base nail polish colors?


4 thoughts on “Crackle nail polish

  1. The silver sometimes just doesn’t work properly… I think it has something to do with the metallic bits because that happens with the OPI silver too (in my experience). I just choose dark polish so it shows up as well as it’s going to and I just adjust my expectations accordingly. For me it provides a mostly silver look with a few TINY cracklets. 😉

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