Start of my trip – LA

Okay so here comes the pictures 🙂 We arrived in LA at night and took a taxi to our motel. Zipping down the highway we got to see how the city was like at night. We stayed in the financial district which was quite quiet and realised that we were starving but no food places were open or we didn’t want to venture out at night not knowing the neighbourhood and if it was dangerous. So we waited till morning. We took the Dash bus to town and ate our first breakfast in LA. Bagels!!! I adore bagels and could eat them every day! Especially with cream cheese!! (Ever since I have come back I am now on the hunt for these) Then we were off to Universal Studios 🙂

   I thought this was hilarious! Spaz juice anyone??

 Cheese bagel Mmmm  Errr pickle lip balm anyone??


3 thoughts on “Start of my trip – LA

  1. Cool photos. Sounds like a nice trip. I’ve never been to LA.

    I’m a fan of pickles. Vlassic (crunchy) are my favorite. I even like fried pickles. But pickle lip balm is taking it WAY too far! That just seems wrong.

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