Outlet shopping

What I loved doing in the US was outlet shopping.

We went to Vegas and there are two outlet shopping areas – North and South.
Has all sorts of brands – Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Gap, H&M, Old Navy, Nike, Adidas, Charlotte Russe etc

We don’t have any of these shops in Melbourne so this was a breath of fresh air. Plus the prices were very low!

I got some tops from Ann Taylor. They are perfect for work and I like the print.


I got a pair of casual cream pants from Banana Republic and they fit perfectly.

From Gap I picked up this aqua skirt. I love the color and the fit is good too.

Old Navy I picked up these boots for $10. Bargain I love the color of them and even with the heel they are very comfortable to walk in.
I also picked up this casual navy bag. I like the brown belt that ties the bag together.

Charlotte Russe: Feather earrings, Brown boots, Maroon fur jacket for winter, Headbands

H&M: Floral dress, Navy and white striped short sleeved top

Forever 21: Sunglasses ( my original sunglasses broke and the next pair I bought ALSO broke.. so I decided to get some cheapo sunglasses hence these lol plus I bought a case so they wouldn’t break) Rust striped cardigan – one of my fave buys

Coach : My friend splurged on coach bags :   


7 thoughts on “Outlet shopping

  1. That’s a huge haul. Yes, outlet shopping is a wonderful way to grab bargains. I love that stripe cardigan too, it’s a nice one. Poor you: repeated broken sunglasses?? I think i agree, you need a case!

    And yes, thank you for your previous message. It is nice to meet so many lovely people in the blogosphere.

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