Beauty and cosmetics haul

Okay so I must say that I love shopping in LA or just the US in general! We are sooo getting ripped off here in Aus! All the cosmetics are sooo much more cheaper in the US plus there is so much more variety!
I also got some cosmetics from Taiwan because they have Japanese brands and I love the Japanese line of cosmetics as I think they are better catered for asians.

So here you go :
I got all these St Ives Scrubs – $4 in US but in Aus the cheapest $8. Double the price!!

Wet and Wild Palette

Elf cream gel eyeliner $3

EOS lipbalm –

$4 I have always wanted to try this ever since I saw it. I love the packaging ( I’m a sucker for packaging)

Nailpolishes – Crackle sally hansen $8 (some were buy one get one free or 50% off) Gotta love CVS So I got it in black, white and silver. The silver doesn’t crack as well
Sally hansen – Blue metallic and pale green

I got Konad plates! I have always wanted to buy this but didn’t want to pay for shipping so when I saw them in the mall I knew I had to get the basic one and I absolutely love them! $30 – dunno if I got ripped off but they last forever! or for a very long time

Kiss mascara
Fairy drops mascara – been wanting to try this out since I saw Jen frmheadtotoe use this. So once I get it opened I will definitely let you know if its good.

Fake eyelashes and a couple of bits and pieces!

I just love beauty products!! When has been your last haul and what did you get?


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