In Taiwan

Haven’t blogged for a while because I am in Taipei! I’m only here for 2 days on transit but there is soooo much food to try and lots of shopping to be done. Cosmetics are so cheap here and I have picked up some new products to try – fairydrops mascara, dollywink eyeliner and my beauty diaries masks.

Night markets are awesome here – they close past midnight and there are tonnes of people out on the streets trying all sorts of food. I tried for the first time – smelly tofu! The first time it was sooo smelly but the second one was much better. As usual – pictures to come 🙂

Tomorrow off to Malaysia for 6 hrs haha


2 thoughts on “In Taiwan

  1. I love hearing about your travels! Will you be having any Bubble Tea during your stay in Taiwan? I would so love to try it there since that’s where it originated. I also hear that one of the famous Xiao Long Bao restaurants is located in Taiwan (Ding Tai Fung).

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