Totoro nails

Recently I have been looking at some nail tutorials on youtube and I came across one that did Totoro nails. Totoro is a Japanese anime made by Miyazaki. He has created some famous animes like Spirited Away, Howl’s moving castle etc.
All you will need is a brown/grey, white, black, clear top coat and your favourite color nail polish as the background color, nail brushes or toothpicks and your set to start.

First put your favourite color on all your nails and then the fun begins: Using the brown/grey nail polish draw the body head and the ears. Let that dry and then use white nail polish to fill in the stomach and the eyes. Make sure the eyes are set apart and not too close. Let that dry and then use black to fill in the eyes, nose and the whiskers. Lastly get some of the brown/grey again and fill in the detailing on the stomach. Finish off with a clear top coat and your done!


My sister did some orange ones. They are really impressive and her friend thought they were actually stickers on her nails. They were suprised when they found out she had painted them all on herself!


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