Packing essentials

There is less than 3 weeks before I’m off to the US west coast and so I though I might blog about packing. If you are like me- I love packing! It gives me the feeling that I’m going somewhere – A HOLIDAY! But I loathe unpacking because after you come back from a holiday all you want to do is just reminisce all of holiday memories and not come back to reality.

This trip will be like a shopping holiday so I have been told to “pack light” So I have decided to bring my big luggage and have a small carry-on bag.

Essentials to bring:
Good pair of jeans, top and walking shoes
Mobile phone, sunglasses, money/credit card and ticket!
Makeup and accessories

Those are my essentials because the rest I can buy overseas.

What are your essentials?


2 thoughts on “Packing essentials

  1. Ooh I am the same with my approaching trip to NYC! I think about it an unhealthy amount! Like you say, can always buy things there (any excuse!) Happy packing 🙂 x

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