Going to the US soon!

I didn’t expect to be going to the US this year but my friends talked me into it! I don’t regret it for one bit as I have always wanted to venture into the unknown! I heard in the US that everything is huge!! The burgers in Aus would be say the size of your palm but in the US the burgers would be double or triple that!? I can’t wait to go shopping at all the places that we don’t have here! Esp since the Aussie dollar is going strong (which I hope stays that way while I’m there) So I hope to literally “shop till I drop”! I will be heading to the West – so Los Angeles!! Hollywood! then head off to Vegas! Then to Yosemite park and some canyons and then to San Francisco (which I heard is beautiful) then onwards to Santa Barbara, Anaheim and a day trip or so to San Diego, Santa Monica and then back home!
I will be also staying 2 days on the way back in Taiwan which will let me do some cheap shopping! And hopefully some good asian beauty products!!

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