Japanese restaurant

On the weekend I got to try a new Japanese restaurant called Zen. It was actually quite classy inside and I’m normally quite wary of japanese restaurants that claim that they are “authentic”. I have been to japanese restaurants in the past that have had chinese tofu and the tempura batter was so thick! So I hoped this one wouldn’t be like that!


We ordered the okonomiyaki as entree and kaiseki bento. We started off with pumpkin soup. A little odd I thought. Then came the okonomiyaki. It was authentic but a little small in portion for what I expected. I have tasted better.

Next came the miso soup – which was good – its hard to make it bad though and then the kaiseki bento. It included salad with a sesame dressing * that was the first time I had tried sesame dressing and it was delicious*. Then there was teriyaki chicken and sweet potato which was delish 🙂 Tempura which was just how I liked it – fresh and with a light crunchy batter. Also there was sushi and sashimi and it was great as well – fresh esp dipped with wasabi and soy sauce.


Lastly came the dessert – choice between green tea ice cream or sesame. I was a little disappointed as the green tea ice cream was icy – even though home made. I guess I’m a tough critic when it comes to green tea ice cream! The sesame ice cream was interesting.

All in all I rate Zen a 7/10. Service was pretty good too 🙂


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