Another love of mine is travelling!! Last year I was able to fulfill one of my dream places to visit : Japan!! Ever since I was in high school I dreamt about going to this place and at last I was able to go. It definitely lived up to all the expectations that I had in my mind. The people were all so polite and helpful with directions. (*I was even mistaken for a Japanese person and asked for directions which I found was hilarious!) I was able to put my Japanese to use and was able to navigate around when we were lost. The food is delicious! I have never had so much Japanese food in my life! Soba noodles, Ramen (my fave) Sushi, Bento boxes, tempura. Plus the scenery is sooo beautiful. Especially in Kyoto. We managed to stay at a Ryokan (traditional Japanese place where you sleep on tatami mats and bathe in open bathrooms) it was so serene and peaceful. Tokyo on the other hand is such a range of colors and sights. A very hectic and busy city that is always alive. Shopping was so fun. Japanese people invent some of the most amazing products – beauty and other inventions! So if you have a chance to go! I definitely recommend it! You won’t be disappointed!

Delicious Sashimi at the Tsujiki markets



Imperial Palace

Tokyo tower

Mt Fuji


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